Whistler Grand West Coast


In one of the most competitive bids, City Development (CDL) won the West Coast Vale plot where the company intends to build Whistler Grand, another prestigious CDL residential home.Among the exclusive housing site offered through a state offer will the site be part of. The site is 210,883 sq ft with 99 years leasing contract. CDL was able to hit $472.4 million translating to $800 psf per ratio on its bid with Whistler Grand.

A breakeven of $1,250 psf is estimated on the Whistler Grand site plan with an average of $1,400 to $1,500 price level. With an excellent Whistler Grand Floor Plan, a max of 730 residential units is imposed for the plot and as per Urban Redevelopment Authority, the West Coast Vale location is capable of holding about two 36 storey towers.

Remarkable local features to numerous facilities could be maximized by the residents since Whistler Grand West Coast is well-situated. Considering, how picky CDL is in the projects they invest in, the area has a lot to offer. Based on CDL group, the area where the Whistler Grand will be constructed has lots of potential. Possessing a land they could invest with is an opportunity the team seeks since the Singapore residential market is on the restoration trend.

With the respectable projects which had a huge success like Hundred Trees and Monterey Park Condominium, CDL was able to make its name. This clearly shows why they’re well-known in the West Coast area. Potential customers who wishes to invest in valuable assets in Singapore is charmed by Whistler Grand. CDL, being a reliable company with a great team guaranteeing their projects remain unequaled in the construction sector, and the upcoming residential project is some thing to watch.

West Coast Vale is a developing private residential area with big potential making it a highly sought after residential site. Among the excellent components which make West coast vale the serene environment which provides future residents of Whistler Grand West Coast a lovely view of the district. When you’re still asking yourself why you must make west coast bale home to your loved ones, here are a few of the main reasons;

To find the perfect place you can call home, its connectivity is some thing you needs to remember. With such a great place like the upcoming Whistler Grand, transportation is at its best. Ayer Rajah Expressway and West Coast Highway with decent connection to the entire city is near the location.

Furthermore, residents of Whistler Grand can easily visit the town using the expressway and MRT station located close to the site. Whistler Grand Clementi residents can preferably use East-West line MRT beside buses from Clementi. By driving your car, you can reach other areas of the city like Orchard Shopping Area, Marina Financial District, and also the Central Business District in just a couple of minutes.